Reimagining Singapore's Hawker Centres

Reimagining Singapore's Hawker Centres: Addressing Labour Shortage by Embracing Automation

Hawker centres hold an irreplaceable place in Singaporean culture, offering diverse culinary experiences and fostering a sense of community. However, the increasing costs and labour shortages have posed significant challenges for hawkerpreneurs whose profit margins are notoriously slim. The progressive wage model implemented in Singapore has further intensified these challenges. Minimum wages for general cleaners are set to increase by at least SG$170 annually from July 2023 to June 2029. This poses a significant financial burden for hawkerpreneurs.

At JE Cleantech, we believe that our 3C’s - customisation at scale, consistency, and cost efficiency - are crucial in safeguarding hawker centres. By harnessing the power of technology, we offer innovative solutions to overcome the challenges they face.

We offer a centralised facility where hawker centres can outsource their dishwashing needs. This solution helps alleviate the workload of hawkerpreneurs, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional food and customer experiences. By incorporating automated systems with the capability to handle high volumes of dishes, JE Cleantech enables hawkerpreneurs to streamline their operations, reduce labour costs, and maintain impeccable hygiene standards.

JE Cleantech is at the forefront of the transformative journey in hawker centres. By integrating technology and automation, we aim to revolutionise the industry, ensuring the sustainability and longevity of this beloved Singaporean tradition.

Ms Elise Hong, our CEO and Founder, recently contributed an article to e27, providing valuable insights into how technology upgrades can effectively tackle Singapore's labour shortage within hawker centres. Read the full article here.

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