JE Cleantech Featured in UOB's Green Business Series

JE Cleantech: Empowering Eco-Friendly Operations and Sustainability Innovations Featured in UOB Green Business Series

Just as different "recipes" cater to distinct outcomes, JE Cleantech’s cleaning solutions are meticulously designed and customised to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our primary objective is to assist our customers in reducing their water consumption, a multifaceted goal given the varied demands of our clientele. Through collaborative partnerships and meticulous analysis, we ensure that our machines deliver optimal results, enhancing our clients' operations and fostering efficiency, as reflected in UOB’s Green Business Series published in May.

A pivotal initiative to curtail our carbon footprint is adopting electric vehicles in our processes. We have not only achieved a remarkable 60 per cent reduction in fuel and maintenance costs but have also made a significant contribution to a greener transportation ecosystem. EVs, with their simplified mechanisms and reduced resource requirements, present an environmentally friendly alternative.

To further advance our sustainability endeavours, we have installed solar panels at our manufacturing facility and office in Woodlands, which are projected to generate over 232 MWh of energy per year, offsetting more than half of our energy consumption at the site. 

Aligned with our vision for growth, we consistently strive to optimise our manufacturing processes, minimise waste, and enhance overall efficiency. Our features in UOB’s Green Business Series in The Business Times and Lianhe Zaobao serves as a testament to our commitment as we progress further. 

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