Ms Hong Discusses JE Cleantech on MoneyFM

Ms Elise Hong Spoke To MoneyFM 89.3 About JE Cleantech’s Roadmap And Cleantech Trends

On 18 Jan 2023 Ms Hong spoke to MoneyFM 89.3 in January, talking about recent developments in the cleantech industry and the company’s roadmap. 

She laid out how JE Cleantech today plays an important part in the industry by serving many firms in various sectors such as microchips and semiconductors. Ms Hong also spoke about the services the company is providing to Singapore’s hawker centres. 

Automation has brought significant improvements to the industry as a whole, making cleaning more efficient and less labour-intensive. More businesses are looking at centralised dishwashing as a solution to help mitigate their labour shortages. 

The Story Of Ms Hong and JE Cleantech

Ms Hong explained how she started JE Cleantech in 1999 and how, in its infant years, the company found it tough to acquire and build a customer-base due to its small size. It wasn’t until a Japanese customer decided to give her a chance and the company managed to start making strides. Last year, Ms Hong successfully led the firm to its US$ 12 million IPO on the NASDAQ. On the back of this listing, JE Cleantech enjoyed a strong Q3 in 2022, reporting a revenue increase of 141.8% YoY. 

In a highly specialised field, Ms Hong exemplifies success. Being a woman in a man-dominated field, she had to fight harder than anyone else to gain respect and defeat preconceptions. In her own words, “When you think of a machine, you think it is built by a man.” Over the years, she persisted and developed a robust prowess in automation, gaining the respect of her fellows. She led JE Cleantech through the pandemic with poise and grace, diversifying it into automation and robotics. 

The JCSE Roadmap

Looking to use 2022 as a stepping stone, JE Cleantech is planning to expand deeper into tech hardware and robotics. Apart from increasing the product range, digitisation and automation are also core priorities. In her conversation with MoneyFM 89.3, Ms Hong shared plans for overseas expansion, but reiterated the commitment to Singapore as the top priority market. 

Listen to the full conversation with Elliott Danker from MoneyFM 89.3 here.

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